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Here are the sequel of series you are looking forward before 2020 ends

When the world is going up side down due to an ongoing pandemic. The only ray of hope which made the audience feel better when locked in 4 walls was content from OTT platform.

Vikram Bhatt’s Loneranger which is one of the promising and leading production house in webserie has kept hopes of audience up to the mark in this lockdown. The firm has 2 most loved sequel in pipeline – Twisted 3 and Maaya 4

Where Twisted 3 is all set to release. Maaya 4 has been worked on. With these two series a few more loved sequels are ready to entertain you before 2020 is over. Naming some are Family Man Season 2 and Comicstaan 3.

2020 has been tough but we can end this year with some entertainment and love!

Written by Rahul Varun

You and I may have a difference of opinion but perspectives of entertainment in a small life are spice, entertaining, love and fun. We all want a life full of happiness but let's enjoy a ride of life filled with news of entertainment.

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