Tarot card prediction: What’s in the future of these celebs!


By now most of us are familiar with the name Ayush Gupta. The 17-year-old is the youngest Reiki Healer and Tarot Card Reader in India. In a recent Tarot card reading session, he predicted the lives of some famous small screen celebrities. From professional to their personal life, marriage, money and career opportunities, he revealed it all. Check out below what he had to say:

Jasmin Bhasin: Keep your mind open and your schedule clear because new people and adventures are entering your life. You have a fantastic vantage point in life. You have really worked hard and you have got beautiful results. Many more to come your way. You will definitely get lots of good opportunities and you can actually be famous internationally also. Your news will spread all over the world. I can see the signs. You have an amazing intellectual focus, but you need clarity in your communication. You are a loving person with a very kind nature, and your this nature helps you a lot. You can attract money, soon you will gain financially, just follow your gut and intuition. As far as love life is concerned, you don’t need to hide your emotions from your partner. Your future with your partner whenever he comes or if he is already there is very good and there will be a little bit of ups-and-downs but it will be really good. Stay positive.

Rashami Desai: Inner strength is the way to stability. If you talk about love life and marriage, you should follow your intuition. You may not know everything now, but being calm and following your heart will help you. If you be honest with yourself, you can get a good life partner in the coming future. But according to your cards, the decision will be yours and it will be a good and positive relationship, but you both have to be fair and honest with yourself. You are very self-invested, meditation and spirituality are highly important for you. If you talk about financially, so this is the best time, don’t jump to any conclusion because of anyone’s pressure. And this time you will get more money than ever. Career-wise you should be able to balance your personal and professional life. And if we talk about future projects, whatever you do you will definitely get a lot of attention, popularity and huge fan following. So, all the best for that. The cards are really positive, but I just have two-three suggestions for you, be calm, be honest with yourself and do meditation every day, it will really help you a lot.

Mrunal Jain: If we talk about the next 3-4 months, career-wise things will be good for you but there will be some ups and downs. 2021 is going to be superb, you can get a lot of opportunities in the beginning of the year and your focus will be on your career. The stars of 2021 are very good for you. Energies are in your support. If we talk about personal life, things will be in your favour and overall very lovely personal life. There are a lot of positive vibes for planning a baby this year. 2021 will actually be a very favourable year for you.

Mohsin Khan: You need a mentor in your life, who can be a good friend and guide to you. You are a leader and you are very popular but can reach greater heights. You are balancing your professional and personal life perfectly but it can be dealt more practically. As far as your love life is concerned, you are a very romantic person. The energies are in your favour, if you are in a relationship or want to get in a relationship in the future, the energies will support you. You are a leader and there are people who look up to you, so you need to be a little more responsible. You will get films in the future but TV will give you more success. You are sensitive and don’t express your feelings, so you need to open up a little bit when it comes to your feelings and emotions.

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