Spiritual healer Amiben Modi: This year, important to do Ganesh Pooja with positivity and faith

It is the time of year again when everyone welcomes Lord Ganesha in their homes and celebrates Ganesh chathurthi with zeast and happiness. However with the pandemic of Coronavirus, the festivities seem to be dimmed. However, reknowned spiritual healer Amiben Modi says that while it is important to take necesaary precautions during COVID 19 outbreak, everyone must ooze out strong positivity and energy to reap auspicious results.

“For Pooja, I’d say that carry on with your rituals and the things you do according to your beliefs. What matters is the faith and energy you do it with. Have you ever noticed that water tastes differently at different temperatures? Or, many people following the same recipes, but the food hardly tastes the same? Similarly, if you do the same thing, but with more positive feelings and vibrations, it’ll make a difference,” she says.

Adding a strict word of caution Amiben says, ” The “dos and don’ts” for this Ganesha Chaturthi are just as simple as for any other festival. The first thing is to be hopeful, but not be disappointed. Our Vignaharta has been extremely supportive in all our endeavours of life, if coronavirus outlives this festival, continue praying and sending your positive energy to fight this deadly virus. Secondly, to not crowd and suffocate both, others and Ganesha. Please maintain small groups and conduct aartis at a smaller scale. And lastly, be careful, God helps only those who help themselves.”  

Written by Rahul Varun

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