Now along with Kareena Kapoor Khan it is our brand’s birthday also: Yesha Rughani


A 3 am discussion between actress Yesha Rughani and her sister Hinal Dattani turned out to be a new business venture. Yesha explains, ”We have realized that due to this pandemic situation, the atmosphere, in general, is very gloomy. A balloon is something that instantly brings a smile on my face since babyhood. I am an actor and my sister is a makeup artist. Both of us are creative people and we thought of coming up with something which has a direct link to creativity and something that brings a smile on everyone’s face. Thus we came up with a company called Groom Groom Balloon – it’s all about grooming the balloons.

We will make the balloons even more beautiful. We deal in luxury balloons and are ready to cater to any kind of celebration right from birthdays to bachelor parties. We are looking at creating happiness through balloons. We also have options of balloons bouquet – expressing our emotions through balloons.” Interestingly Groom Groom Balloon was launched on the day of Bollywood Diva Kareena Kapoor Khan’s birthday, and their first-ever balloon delivery was for Kareena Kapoor Khan. Yesha says,” What better day we would have got for our company to launch. She is the glam queen of the film industry and looking so radiant at 40. Now along with Kareena Kapoor Khan, it is our brand’s birthday too. We jumped in joy when we cracked this. This is our first venture and many more are on their way.”

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