Lockdown has taught us that we can live our life happily with minimalist things: Aniruddh Dave

We all are trying to keep ourselves busy during the lockdown, but sometimes you just lose hope. The key is to stay positive and enjoy this phase in whatever way we can. Actor Aniruddh Dave feels the same and said that this phase has taught him that we can live our life happily even with minimalist things.

In his announcement, made on the March 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announced a 21 day nationwide lockdown to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. However, essential services were made available so that the public doesn’t face any problem. So, even with bare necessities the public stayed at home.

When Aniruddh was questioned about his biggest learning from this lockdown, he said, “I feel that this time is not going to come back. I know we have seen this (lockdown) for the first time and I hope it is the last too. But yes, we have learned that anything can happen in life.”

“You have got a chance to spend time with your family and yourself. This lockdown has taught us that we can live our life happily, with our family, even with minimalist things,” he added.

The actor has been reading a lot and has kept himself busy by playing musical instruments. Though he admits that life teaches you a new lesson everyday, he is not in favour of celebrities spending their time by creating new shot-at-home videos.

He said, “I am not interested in shot-at-home videos, though I have been asked to do the same, I like to work on set because I need that vibe to act. People who are shooting from home are great actors but I need the whole team and crew to shoot. I enjoy shooting with them.”

Aniruddh also feels that celebrities should not post videos of them doing their household chores, he said, “What you are doing at home is personal, why do you want to share it. I am not so active on social media so may be that’s why I am thinking like that.”

He asserts that post lockdown things in the entertainment industry will change, and added, “there will not be crowded scenes and you will see less romantic scenes too. I think there will be less crew members on set as well.”

But Aniruddh accepts that even while maintaining social-distance and taking all the precautions needed, people are still going to be afraid of the risk of infection from this deadly disease. He also stated that people will have to get used to this new way of life and they will have to become responsible and self-sufficient.

Aniruddh also said, “First we will have to try to get our lives back to normal but I don’t think anyone will go out and about once the lockdown gets over. There will always be a fear inside and we will have to alert always.”

“I want to think about that people who are not even getting to eat proper food at least we are getting proper food. Post Corona the life will not be the same as before hoping for the best,” he added.

He concluded that once things look fine he will go to see his parents in Jaipur and added, “I will come back to Mumbai and look for work because this is a lifetime problem, it may stop and start again, so we will have to get used to this new life.”

Written by Rahul Varun

You and I may have a difference of opinion but perspectives of entertainment in a small life are spice, entertaining, love and fun. We all want a life full of happiness but let's enjoy a ride of life filled with news of entertainment.

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