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PM Modi’s First Tweet after Lok Sabha Elections

PM acknowledges people of nation for having confidence in NDA

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Shah Rukh Khan Encourages Fans to Vote: “Your Participation Shapes Our Future”

Shah Rukh Khan is one of Indian film industry's most admired actors.…

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Ashutosh Rana An Actor Surrounded With Deep Fake Video Controversy

With a shock Ashutosh Rana opens up on the viral deep fake…

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Kanagana Ranaut Trolled For Her Election Campaign Speeches

The actress turned politician is contesting the election from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh…

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Is Sonakshi Sinha Going To Join Politics Like Father?, Says “No, There Too You Will Say….”

Is Sonakshi going to follow Father, Shatrugan Sinha? Sonakshi Sinha, the popular…

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SC implies the need of ‘Honest Elections’ to maintain sanctity of Electoral Process

This is what takes place in the EVM-VVPAT case hearing and the…

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Watch “OMG! Yeh Mera India” To See Ricky Saxena’s Incredible Collection Of Action Figures“

Witness the mind-boggling action figure collection of Ricky Saxena in ‘OMG! Yeh…

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When asked whether she entered politics as a result of her acting career failing?

Kangana Ranaut responds by referring to herself and Shah Rukh Khan as…

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Kangana Ranaut describes Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as nepotistic and says, “Congress is an appalling party”

Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi are called "Nepo Babies" by Kangana Ranaut, who…

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Govinda Announces Return to Politics, Citing Desire for Change

"Govinda Re-Enters Political Arena Despite Previous Critique: Reflects on Past 'Deception' Remarks…

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Nayab Saini Set to take over as Haryana’s New Chief Minister

Nayab Saini, Haryana, New chief minister, New era and more..

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Haripriya Bharggav: A Beacon of Change for Jhansi-Lalitpur

Leading with Integrity, Serving with Passion

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‘The Kerala Story’ Will Be Banned In India By Censor Board?

The Kerala Story, a Bollywood movie, has been receiving attention ever since…

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National Day Rally Sacrifice, Effort Needed to Preserve Harmony

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing…

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