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Bhoomika Meena: The Rising Star Who Have Believe In The Power Of Training

Actress Bhoomika Meena of Dukaan discusses her different training sessions and adds,…

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Bhoomika Meena Mesmerises Fans With Her Kathak Dance Performance On Sakal Ban, A Song From Heeramandi!

With the direction of master Kathak choreographer Vijayshree Chaudhary, who has choreographed…

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Bhoomika Meena Shines In Between Her Co-stars Monika Panwar and Soham Majumdar

Between her co-stars Soham Majumdar and Monika Panwar, Bhoomika Meena shines.

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Meet Bhoomika Meena, a rising star in Bollywood who Debuted on 70mm on the big screen in the Surrogacy film Dukaan.

Alongside Sikandar Kher, Monika Panwar, Soham Majumdar, and Monali Thakur in the…

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