Popular Trade analyst Komal Nahta exposes a leading news channel’s Editor

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A classic case of ethical erosion of journalism. Recently. one of the top film trade analysts Komal Nahta was invited over for a panel discussion on a prime time show which was being conducted by a news channel editor. Nahta was not allowed to speak despite him being a contributor and when he was, the words were clearly being fed into his mouth by the editor. This has not gone down too well with his followers where they feel that the expert was insulted twice in two minutes.

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Komal Nahta has been one of the most relevant Industry insiders and film trade experts. Over the years, his fanbase comprises people who have been following him for more than 20 years now for his analysis of the industry and knowledge over matters pertaining to films and entertainment industry. The followers have come in full support of Nahta where the channel and the editor have disrespected him for their benefit to seek higher TRP ratings, at a time when the Industry is mourning the unfortunate demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput who died by suicide.

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Komal Nahta posted, “Please
Stop tweeting this. You did not allow me to speak so why you reproducing my comment? Double standards! Learn basics of journalism. You had your agenda, then why did you & yours beg of me… yes, BEG OF ME to be a part of your show? To fool people? @TimesNow”

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Nahta also posted a video around his opinion exposing a few news channel anchors.

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