Social Worker Ishu Kalra honored with the Indian National Glorious Awards 2022

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Ishu Kalra, an active social activist from Punjab has received the National Social Activist award at the Indian National Glorious Awards 2022. Bollywood actress Mugdha Godse presented the award and shield to Ishu Kalra for his immense contribution to the welfare of society. Ishu Kalra is currently heading the prestigious Humanity NGO.

Isha Kalra is a young intellectual from Punjab who has committed his life to social development. Kalra wants to be able to visit every town, hamlet, and city in the country. He has traveled to more than 100 Indian cities over the previous four years.

Ishu Kalra has been presented with the Indian National Glorious Awards 2022

The Indian National Glorious Awards 2022 awarded Ishu Kalra with the National Social Activist award. Ishu Kalra received the award and shield from Bollywood actress Mugdha Godse for his significant contribution to society. Ishu Kalra is currently heading the prestigious Humanity NGO.

Ishu Kalra, a young icon from Jalandhar is known for her unique leadership style and has successfully made immense social contributions, and inspired numerous others with his vision. Ishu Kalra is constantly working to help those who are underserved by providing them with food, education, and protection of their rights.

Only 51 people were honored in the whole of India, in which the most important award was for a National Social Activist. This event took place in the famous Indana Palace, Jaipur Delhi Road, Pink City of Rajasthan. The award is only and only in the name of Janta.

Indian National Glorious Awards 2022 is presented to honor the people who have achieved a milestone and have come a long way in their immense contribution to the welfare of the country and the world at large.

The inspiring leadership of Ishu Kalra has continuously brought about societal improvements, among individuals, and even throughout the entire globe since the founding of Humanity NGO in 2019. By rekindling humanity in the hearts of people and by defending women’s rights, he is expected to do his part for the country.

Recently, Isha Kalra started a campaign to distribute warm clothes to people on the street who lack the money to buy them. Many social workers and organizations have selflessly helped people and saved lives in covid times around the world and Isha Kalra has been an active social contributor.

Ishu Kalra is one of India’s young minds who has dedicated himself to social work. During the award ceremony, Ishu Kalra dedicated the award to the people and said,” This is just the beginning of many more such endeavors in the people’s interest. I aspire for a more favorable world. I aim to be able to travel to every city, town, and village in the nation one day. Since the previous four years “.

Ishu Kalra is a strong believer in Youth power. Rather than waiting for change to happen, he firmly believed that it happens when everyone strives for and works to bring about the change, while also encouraging and inviting others to participate.

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