5 Unknown Facts About Aman Rathod

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Today We have brought you some amazing and unknown facts about Aman Rathod which you many don’t know

1)He Is Certified Sports Nutritionist-

Aman is from Gujarat  and his home town is Vadodara he is well known for bodybuilding & as a cricketer but he is also a certified sports nutritionist.

2)Almost Became Engineer

Aman has always been a bright student other than being detained in the college for her low attendance. He is brilliant student engineering is being subjects for interest. Before his passionate path of sports industry. Aman secured great marks in engineering exams but instead choose sports industry

3)Struggle You Didn’t know

In early days aman studying at Gandhinagar and staying at Vadodara,he daily in the early morning goes to Gandhinagar and comes back at 10 in night he has done this regularly for 3 years  and complete his study other may be exhausted and leave his study but Aman has courage & passion.

4)Almost Detained From College

Aman rathod did his college from Gandhinagar Gujarat,when he was in early age when he was only 14 he always wanted to became sports person hence he was actively participating in various sports  events that led him not attending classes in college hence he was almost detained from college due to low attendance.

5)Passionate About Bodybuilding-

We know that Father of Aman Rathod is wrestler.even aman rathod also follows the same passion of going the gym,lifting heavy weights,& build a good physique,and he succeeded in that when he has won the Mr Vadodara bodybuilding championship


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