Cardi B Responded A Comedian Who Says‘WAP’ Lyrics Are ‘MoreWelcome’ In SchoolsThan Dr. Seuss


Cardi B clapped back at complete absurd tweet by conservative comedian Tim Young, who seemed to troll her by tweeting on Mar. 15, “The lyrics to ‘Wet Ass P***y’ are more welcome in some schools than Dr. Seuss books…just let that sink in for a minute.”

Cardi B responded back swinging about how totally outrageous his claim was. “When has a school made kids read the lyrics to WAP?” she asked. “I get it WAP might be a lil vulgar but stop comparing a sensual song to books that has RACIST content! How can ya not tell the difference? I see that common sense ain’t that common,”

She said. She didn’t stop there she continued in a second tweet, “By the way Dr Seuss publishing company made the decisions to remove those books on their own. Black people are not the one telling these companies to do things that they think is ‘progressive.’ Black only ask for equal justice,”.

Cardi B then concluded by tweeting, “Conservatives been making viral tweets comparing WAP to the banning of some of Dr Seuss books as if there’s any correlations between the two….Well I can DEFINITELY tell some of ya ONLY read Dr. Seuss books cause ya mind lacks comprehension.” Bow down to this woman!

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