The documentary titled “1984 Genocide of Sikhs” narrates the real story of massacre of Sikhs in the year 1984

Sardar Inder Preet Singh (right) with Bibi Tarvinder Kaur Khalsa, Chairman International Sikh Council, Delhi during the press conference held at PCI_11zon

 A press conference was organised today, July 29th 2022, at Press Club of India, Delhi. The conference was called by Global Middas Capital to make people aware of the documentary produced by them. The documentary titled “1984 Genocide of Sikhs” narrates the real story of massacre of Sikhs in the year 1984. Trailer of the Documentary film “1984 Genocide of Sikhs” was also released on the occasion.

Sardar Inder Preet Singh, founder Global Middas Capital, addressed the media and narrated the objective behind making of this documentary. He said, “It is now 38 years since the Sikh genocide happened in this democratic country. Unfortunately, the authorities cannot prevent the inhuman killing of Sikhs even in the National Capital. It took the legal system 32 years to accept that there was a killing of 127 people in the riots in Uttar Pradesh alone. It is difficult to anticipate the time our legal system would take in delivering final justice to the families of victims that were killed in this genocide.”

Inder Preet Singh further said, “While at the government level, the families of the victims were rehabilitated and the chapter is closed for them. However, the reality is very gruesome and it is difficult to believe that there are so many families that are not having any means to earn their livelihood. It is only the interviews of these people that exposed the reality of many children not getting education only because there is no one to look after them.”

Singh added, “The government, while claiming that the process of rehabilitation is completed, considered only providing these families dwelling houses and no consideration was given to arrange for livelihood of the families the bread earner of which was killed in the genocide. The ground level facts are so frightening that it is hard to believe that the children of these riot victims were not able to go to school for studies. In many cases, it was the grandchildren of the people that were killed; they have grown up in these 38 years, not having got the opportunity to go to school for studies.”

Sardar Inder Preet Singh also revealed, “I have been facing a lot of pressure to stop holding the release of this documentary and I have also been threatened.” However, the release is going ahead as scheduled, following the trailer launch today. Also, the production house is in talks with international OTT platforms in order to release the film worldwide.

Global Middas Production Studio is trying to get permission for playing the documentary in Indian parliament. Efforts are also underway to get the documentary played in the parliaments of UK, US, Australia and Canada. The production house is also trying to approach United Nations so that the reality of genocide can be put in front of the international body and if needed, United Nations can also be requested to intervene in the matter.

On the occasion, Sardar Inder Preet Singh called upon Sikh community to come forward and help the families of these riot victims. He said that brothers not only from India but also the NRIs settled abroad should come forward and extend whatever help they can.

Others present in the press conference included Bibi Tarvinder Kaur Khalsa, Chairman International Sikh Council, Delhi and Delhi-based social activist Sardar Jagjeet Singh were also present on the occasion. They both questioned the role played by the past governments while emphasizing upon the need for justice.


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