World Laughter Day: Saanand Verma: I find happiness in small things

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“I am a jolly person and I laugh a lot. I find happiness in small things and I just laugh. My name is Saanand and it means happy, and I am very true to my name. I find happiness in everything. There are endless reasons created by nature and God that can make one laugh. If you are not a person who takes a lot of stress, then you will always sleep peacefully and you will laugh at the smallest of things. So yes, I laugh a lot and I prove that my name is absolutely perfectly aligned to my actual nature,” he says.

Ask him what makes him laugh, and he says, “Anything can make me laugh. If there is something that irks me, rather than getting angry, I try to handle it with laughter. That’s how I express my anger, while laughing. This is a very smart thing to do. There are so many funny people around us that make you laugh. There is so much positivity, I see nowadays in people. I find laughter in each and everything. There are so many things where I laugh my head off. It is very important to laugh, but yes, do not laugh at anyone’s expense. It should be healthy laughter. It should not create sadness or sorrow for anybody else.”

Pink Panther is his favourite comedy film, says the actor, adding, “Peter Sellers is one of the best comedians, and actor I have ever seen till date. He is my role model. He played the role of Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther and I simply loved the portrayal. His comic timing, his physical comedy, everything about the character is highly comical and funny.”

The actor says that at times it is important to consciously laugh at situations. “I used to direct a show called Laughter Yoga by Mr. Madan Kataria on Sab TV. He used to tell me to laugh for no reason and once you start that, you will feel like laughing all the time. Laughter is the best medicine as they say. Don’t take any stress. As long as you are healthy and happy, everything is cool,” he says.

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