World Environment Day: I urge people to respect our surroundings: Amiben Modi


Amiben Modi feels that people should respect their surroundings and should avoid misusing anything. Considering the transformation we saw in the environment when the nationwide lockdown was imposed we couldn’t agree more with her. Our planet healed and the changes were not just restricted to India, it was seen in other places as well. 

Talking on the occasion of World Environment Day, she said, “For the environment, I urge people to respect our surroundings and not to misuse anything be it fuel or food, be it trees or travel, we should all value nature’s gift and try our best to conserve and pass it on to the next generation.”

She feels that the pandemic had a positive impact on the climate, and added, “I do believe every cloud has a silver lining but the cloud in question here, the pandemic is certainly a very grave one. In general, today we as a world are a lot more conscious of global warming, nature preservation and resource management, so I do not think we need a compulsory lockdown every year.”

Research suggest that anything you do continuously for over 21 days becomes a habit. 

Sharing the same idea, Amiben said, “Anything you do consecutively for 21 days forms a habit and I strongly feel all of us are now habituated with staying indoors more, being more aware of sanitation and hygiene, being mindful of resources and spending more time with family these learnings from the lockdown will have a lasting impact for sure.”

But only time will tell if we humans will really practice all those things or not. And now that the lockdown is lifted we can only wait and watch. 


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