“Women in our society – Empowered or Impoverished”, Divyanka asks…

After hearing news like increasing rape cases in our country which is the most heinous crime to the mankind today, anyone would open up speaking about what they feel and what kind of changes society today needs. So did Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya yesterday taking to her social media handle.

Divyanka started her caption with “Women in our Society – Empowered or Impoverished ?” and added that it was a post to speak about what she felt after reading such news where women are either humiliated or suppressed. She is appalled by the chronic behavior pattern of the society which targets a woman very easily by judging on a woman’s moments, actions or reactions in a certain scenario or circumstances. The society where a woman is been praised like a goddess but on the other side a woman is also brutally harassed mentally or physically.

Divyanka also adds, a woman is made a very easy target on blaming for any crime act. Wherein giving justice or catching hold of the criminals and punishing them should be a priority. But instead a woman is blamed for being inappropriately dressed, having boy friends, partying a lot or having liquor etc. Character analyzation starts when a girl lives her life with freedom and something happens.

Divyanka’s Post Caption

She further adds, “Are we really more evolved than ‘Sati-Pratha’ Era?”. Correctly said by Divyanka as we humans have evolved a lot with technological advancement and also with literacy level but have the society evolved with its mindset and thinking over the past decades?. This should be asked to every individual and a human in all of us.

Divyanka’s Post on Instagram

She concludes it saying, “Before blaming the political system, law makers and the police, lets face the mirror.” which is a bitter truth that all of these problems start due to the behavior of the society and ends with it too. A change needs to prevail within everyone in the society for a better future and a better world. Unless and until we start teaching equality, respect, difference between wrong and right to our future generation. And also start applying it to ourselves as well, things will never change. Crime will never end.

Divyanka’s post made by her yesterday, 3rd October 2020

Truly penned down by Divyanka, unless and until there is a change in the mindset of the society no law, no political system will be able to help decreasing such crimes in our country. We need is a safe and peaceful world to live which also involves equality of justice to both men and women. We need a society where every person stands for the right and supports humanity. Thank you Divyanka for writing down your opinion to several people and being an inspiration to many more spreading out a wild fire of change in the society for all of us. We need more influencers like Divyanka to speak up over topics and aware people. “Right to speech and expression is only useful till we speak and raise our voices towards the wrong or else this freedom would loose its value of expression“, Divyanka further concludes.

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