What do the cards hold in the future for these celebs?

Don’t we all want to know our future? We all do, right. Luckily, we got to know about the future of some celebs through Tarot card prediction. Youngest reiki healer and Tarot card reader, Ayush Gupta, revealed it for us once again. Check out below what the cards hold in the future of these celebs:

Sharad Malhotra: You carry a very positive aura with you. You just need to be a little more flexible and it will work wonders. Battles are won with both mission and passion, so make sure you have both before you charge ahead. Moderation and balance play a key role in your financial outlook, try to do some charity to spiritual organisations. If you invest somewhere, it will be very beneficial for you. Next year, you will see substantial growth and good opportunities knocking at your door. Your life is full of positive energy. You have good relationship with your partner and your family. You can shift to a new house or remodel your existing house, it will make your environment better. Also, there is some good news, you will plan a new addition to your family soon taking your marriage to the next level. 

Subuhi Joshi: You need to settle yourself in a peaceful place. If you will be calm and focused then you will see amazing results. Do meditation and connect yourself to energies. Don’t distract yourself with your past activities and don’t be depressed because of that. Your future is bright but you have to remain composed. You will need to bring all your energies together for your career and future. Old hurts will heal after an emotional cleansing. In 2021, you will make a very good comeback, it will give you the same popularity that you always hoped for.

Shivin Narang: You are satisfied with your relationships. Your health and wealth are well-established and so you enjoy a sense of security and happiness. Your personality and aura are very positive and you have a winning attitude. You are in prime position to succeed in all areas of life. This time is very positive for you and the next few years as well are positive. Everything that you will do will bring you a lot of success. You are truly loved by the people around you. Your family is moving towards a new beginning, may be a new home or a new addition to the family. You will be on top of your game and you will win people’s confidence. It will be good to focus on your career at this point and you will get a lot of success. Your projects in the TV industry will be very impactful and you will get more fan following and success. 

Srman Jain: I can see a very good come back in acting for you in the next three to four months. Because of some negative energies you couldn’t do what you wanted to do as an actor. I can see a very good project in the future, through which you will get your name, fame and popularity again. Along with acting, you will get involved in other creative things as well, may be production. I can see a lot of opportunities for you in the future, but you need to balance them wisely. As far as career is concerned, I can see a growth in the next three-four months. As far as your love life is concerned, I can see that in 2021 you will meet your true partner. It’s very positive and the cards show that you might get married to the same person in 2021. Health-wise I can see it will be good, there will be some minor issues so you will have to take good precautions. 

Vahbbiz Dorabjee: Circumstances didn’t live up to your expectations. You are getting good opportunities but you are ignoring them, so you need to be positive in all situations. You struggled a lot and you are still fighting with your past. You will heal yourself only with a positive approach and meditation. You are dealing with disappointment in relationships but stop feeling like a victim. You can win anything with your positive attitude. You financial gain will unravel on its own, follow your guts, love your family and your parents will always support you. You just need to start meditation as it will keep your mind calm and will give you the energy to make better decisions. I can see there will be a new beginning in your life personally as well as professionally. You may get remarried may be in 2021 second half with someone who will be yours forever.   You need to just focus on your goals.

Aniruddh Dave: You have the chance to make a powerful impact on your family and your community. You can be a very good influencer, your influencing power is actually very positive and you influence people very positively. Things go according to you. If you focus properly you will get a life-changing opportunity soon. In early 2021, you will get an opportunity through which you will get more popularity and success. You need to embrace your influence and status, you are actually a very creative person. You are emotionally mature and a very loving and caring person. Your partner is very happy with you. Married life is very positive with a few ups and downs, but that’s very common. Otherwise your married life is very positive. I can see an extra luxurious life in future. Making money is very easy for you. You know how to tap resources. You have a very beautiful network of loved ones who support you and admire you. You are a highly valued friend. Next year you will get very good opportunities and thus more popularity. If you compare TV and films, I will not suggest you to enter films, especially in 2021. TV industry will give you plenty of opportunities. So focus on TV serials and web series. Everything is super positive for you. And things which you believe are good for others and you too, you need to do it. There are two types of successful people, one is a normal successful person,  and the second one is those who become successful and then contribute to humanity and do great things, you are the second one. You want to be successful but you also want to do something for others. That power I can see. 

Arun Mandola: You are a self-made person. You are always grateful to your family, home and resources. You learnt a lot from your experience and now you can see the fruit of your struggle. You are not a boss, you are a good mentor, so be a mentor. You have a very positive personality, but you should appreciate your current success. Don’t worry about the future, live in your present. Enjoy your present achievements and stop focusing on that of the future. Things are going very good, energies are good. Just make sure you maintain your finances before starting something new. This is the right time to start any project or idea that you have in your mind. You will do really good in TV shows and web series but I will suggest you to try for movies too, because I can see a good growth there too. I can see that in 2021 you might get married, and you will lead a very happy married life. If you talk about health, there are some minor health issues that will get cured easily. Just take some precautions for your health. Keep meditating, focus on your energies, do meditation. 

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