We get a different vibe from homes owned by different people

Sindoor Ki Keemat” actor Prateik Chaudhary dreams of owning a house of his own someday. He calls it his next mission and reveals that he is working really hard for it. He said, “My first goal was to become an actor and the next one is to have a house of my own. Though I have my home in Mumbai, it’s owned and bought by my dad and it’s a result of his hard work. I want to buy one of my own hard earned money, and I am giving my best every day so that this dream becomes a reality soon. Fingers crossed.” The young actor revealed that he is going to keep it simple yet classy, and said, “My dream house will have a sea-facing view where I can chill peacefully. It will be in a less crowded area away from the hullabaloo of the city . But it’s definitely going to be on the top floor. I love flats with balconies because the view is just amazing and I can peacefully chill with my family and friends.” What do you think your home will say about you? “That I am classy, sophisticated and a chilled out guy. Also that I am very sorted in life,” Prateik said, adding that he feels that every house has a story to tell. “We get a different vibe from homes owned by different people,” he said. He revealed that in his current home his favourite corner is his bedroom. “I have my home theater, my bed, my gym equipment, and everything that I need in my bedroom. So I don’t have to go anywhere else, I feel much more comfortable in my bedroom,” Prateik concluded.

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