TV actress Shaheen Shaikh reaction on Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide

A Small Note From Shaheen Shaikh To All Her Loved One’s And Also To All Of Them She Doens’t Know Personally!

I Just Want To Remind All Of You, That I Love Each One Of You Alot Yes Shaheen Love’s You Alot Dil Se ! Trust Me Your Presence In My Life Matter’s! I Can’t Afford Loosing Any Of You In Anyway! We Are Human Beings We Feel Low At Times Due To Any Reason That’s Absolutely Normal But Guy’s You Have To Talk About It To Any One , When We Don’t Talk And Just Keep Thinking About It The Problem Becomes Major! When It Starts, Try To ”End” It There And Not Make it Big! Whenever You Want To Talk About Any fucking Thing Directly Call Me Time Doesn’t Matter To Me You Just Have To Call Me And Talk Without Thinking Anything , I Promise I’m Not Going To Judge You!


I Will Suggest Something To You ,What Works For Me! Alhamdulillah I Have Never Faced Any Kind Of Depression Just So Blessed And The Reason Is That I Talk To People When I Feel low I Share My Thing’s Immediately To Anyone I Don’t Think That, Will I Get Judged? The Problem Start’s When We Think That , We Will Get Judged It’s Better To Keep It With Us. Nooooooooooo Talk Please Talk Pleaseeeeee🙏🏻

If You Are Not Fine Just Say It You Don’t Need To Pretend To Be Happy , Don’t Kill Yourself From Inside And Then From The World Please 🙏

Just Do What Makes You happy, Your Happiness Matter’s! When You Feel Low Think About The Good time’s You Had In Your Life!

If Someone Has Left You And That Makes you Think To End Your Life You Are Idiot Because You Are Ignoring The Fact That There Are Sooo Many Others Who Love’s You Sooo Much!!

People Are Not Able To Fight With The Situation They End Up Committing Suicide And Then What? The Person Has Gone Forever But Leaves Soo Much Pain In Everyone’s Heart And Life ! There Are Many Who Suffer From Same Issues They Get Inspire To The Same And End Their Life Too , It Motivates Them To Do That. When They See Someone Committing Suicide, It Makes Them Feel Normal To Commit Suicide As They See Others Also Doing It.
Please Value Your Life ❤️🙏
Loveeeee Youuuuuuu Alot Ekdum Dil Se !!
Lot’s Of Hugs And Kissies To Each One Of Youu!

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