Rupal Patel widely known as ‘Kokilaben’ makes a blazing entry to hail the show with her priceless counsel at Star Bharat’s show, ‘Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti’

The much awaited Star Bharat show ‘Swayamvar – Mika Di Voti’ is being enjoyed by the audience and eagerly waiting for Mika’s Vohti to be selected. To ease and help Mika Singh find his partner, ‘Kokilaben’ also known as Rupal Patel will appear in the show and advice him take the right decision. At the same time, Mika is also trying his best to understand every contestant who came on the show so that they can take the right decision for themselves.

Excited about being a integral part of the show, Kokilaben says, “The fact that I’m a part of Swayamvar- Mika Adi Vohti makes me feel incredibly joyful. I’m feeling way too happy for the reason that the show is amazingly humongous and great which beyond my imagination. Mika himself is a lovely human along with a great singer and the contestants are breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve enjoyed alot teaching Gujarati to Mika Singh. Shaan has always been a charming soul. His smile is equally grand as his singing and I loved a lot working with him. Since I depict daily soaps, it was altogether a different experience being in a reality show. The idea and concept was wholly true and sincere that made me feel extremely happy. Mika and his voice has always been in our hearts and I’m coming to be by his side and help him in every possible way. Shaan is always present as his backbone who himself is a great human and a successful singer. But, not to forget that I’m going to take a class of the contestants and their individualities.”

Kokilaben discloses few fundamental things about the importance of a marriage and the do’s and donts’ that should be followed for a happy and everlasting marriage. She goes onto saying, “I’ve been married for years now and I feel that there are one or two basic things that should be present which is faith and understanding between the two partners. Also, the fundamental part of marriage that I also follow in life is there is no harm to take a step back or submit yourself before your partner in any sort of disagreements or hardships that you both may experience together. I always live in the present and have faith in whatever the future may offer. As I portray the role of Kokilaben, the character and I myself is a very straightforward person who always believes in accepting and rectifying one’s own mistake and not repeating them in future. I’ve always followed the path of truth and these are the qualities that I want to see in Mika’s Vohti. I pray that Mika Singh gets his Vohti of his choice who is trustworthy, genuine and understanding.”

Kokilaben is a legendary actress who paved her way towards acquiring greatness in daily soaps with her incredible acting skills. Her advices and tips are way too precious as they are straight from her own life experiences and lessons. These are surely going to help Mika Singh find a Vohti so his choice and heart.

To know more such intriguing things, stay tuned and keep watching the show ‘Swayamvar – Mika Di Voti’ every Monday to Friday at 8 PM only on Star Bharat!

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