Malavika Shivpuri will appear in the upcoming television series Nishabd on the brand-new channel Atrangii.


Malavika Shivpuri will be seen in the upcoming series Nishabd on the new channel Atrangii Co-directed and produced by Mitu, the show is based on LGBTQ community. The actor, who has done shows such as Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, among others, is very happy to be a part of the series and had no inhibition in playing a part in it.

“I don’t see why an artist or anyone for that matter would be apprehensive to be a part of anything related to the Pride community. Being a part of Nishabd has been a complete honour for me. I’ve returned to acting after a very long 14-year break. What better could I have asked for as an actor than to work in a series like Nishabd,” she says.

Sharing her experience of working with Mitu and her Positive Thinkerz team, Malavika adds, “Mitu is a phenomenal director and producer, so is Arshima Thapar. She has clarity on what she wants from her story and actors. This is the first time that I have worked under her direction. Earlier I have only done projects where she was my creative head or my EP. Seeing her as the master of the ship was a whole new experience for me and a mighty good one I must say. So, it was an absolute pleasure and honour to have Mitu and Arshima as my directors. As for Positive Thinkerz, they are an amazing production team and made me feel at home.”

June is the Pride month, ask if that is also one of the reasons why she said yes to the project and Malavika says that the most beautiful part of the story was the fact that Radha, her character, is shown being comfortable with her sexuality and her sexual preferences, she had no qualms in excepting that she is gay. “The level of confidence Radha has is what blew me away. I hope I was able to bring that confidence in my performance. And of course the story being so beautiful was an additional bonus for me. I think the time is apt. I feel good to be a part of Nishabd and contribute my own little way to this beautiful community. I have very close gay friends and I hope and pray they are proud of me as I am proud of them,” she sounds emotional.Malavika also opines that conversations around same sex relations should start now.

“And, not just conversations, we should not even have to think for a second about talking about same-sex relationships. Why are we making a big deal about something that is as natural as a girl loving a boy or vice versa? It’s just love, right? Why make a huge Hoo haa about Love?

Love is Love and the sooner we understand that the better it would be. This Universe needs that kind of love where nothing or nobody is judged for being themselves and now that’s the kind of world I want to bring up my kids in. A world full of love, kindness, gentleness and compassion,” she adds.A generational shift in content and programming is happening at the moment. This is the first time a series like Nishabd is being made for TV.

“Like I said in the beginning, I feel honoured and humbled to be a part of a series that is so beautifully portraying same sex relationships. We need more such brave directors, platforms, stories, series and actors who will stand up for this phenomenal community who is struggling to be seen to be noticed to be accepted for their true beautiful self.

I feel nothing but love and Pride to be a part of Nishabd and the cherry on the cake is that I’m the only artist who has been repeated in 2 stories, which is a complete honour for me. I would just want to end this by saying be true to yourself, be true to who you believe you are. This world is cruel enough, they will Judge us no matter what, so don’t be afraid to shine through their Judgements because at the end of the day Love is all that matters. Like the Beatles so profoundly said decades ago ‘All We Need Is Love,” she signs off.


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