Charrul Malik on fitness: Don’t compare yourself with actors, everyone has their own struggles

Actress Charrul Malik says that this World Health Day, there must be a special focus on avoiding comparisons when it comes to health. The actress adds that many people compare themselves with celebrities but it is important to understand that everyone has their own journey with health.

“Actors should post health-oriented things. They should post things not for grabbing people’s attention but making them understand that actors also face challenges. So, health is a challenge for everyone. But people get influenced by actors a lot of times. According to me, we should create awareness about not comparing ourselves with the body of an actor. One’s body should be fit, that is what is important,” she says.

The actress adds that other platforms such as web series can also be used as a medium to promote health awareness. “I think we can do our bit by creating awareness in a massive way because health is wealth. I think we should develop a non-smoking policy at least in our workplace because smoking is injurious to health and we should cut down smoking habits without fail. Everyone knows that it’s injurious to health and it can lead to cancer. Smoking is like inviting fatal diseases. We should spread awareness about this. In fact, I see that now smoking scenes are there in all web series. I think there should be a policy. I know it takes time but we can follow the policy at our pace at our workplace, creating awareness onscreen and offscreen, everywhere possible. We should create awareness about watching our weight…it’s okay to sit at home and watch series, movies, web series, but it’s important to look after your weight too,” she says.

Charrul adds that health is much more than just physical fitness. “Health is directly linked to our physical and emotional well-being. Because if we are happy, if we’re emotionally strong, then only we can face challenges. So somewhere they all are linked to each other. All the three aspects; physical, mental and emotional are very important. If we’re not emotionally and mentally fit, then I don’t think we’re healthy.  And for that happiness is the key. And for that happiness, you’ve to be surrounded by people who have positive mindsets. We keep comparing ourselves with peer groups or others around us. I think we should stop doing it right away. These comparisons kill us mentally and emotionally.  Social media following, a lot of pressure from social media directly and indirectly nowadays makes us unhealthy because all the time we are thinking about it. Even we, actors, are not away from all these. I think we also do get into pressure because of all these,” she says.

The actress says that hectic work schedules can create an issue for most people. Talking about how she works it out, Charrul says, “Work schedules of course our health goes for a toss. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t eat post seven, even if I’m not at home. I try my level best to stay away from eating, even a small bite. I don’t drink, don’t smoke and try to have regular meals on time. I try to eat homemade food or even if I’m out, I try to look for healthy options to eat. I do sometimes end up having junk but in moderate quantities. If we have control on our tongue, everything is possible. Your craving for having junk food gets reduced from within. I don’t diet, I eat everything in moderation. I exercise every day. If I miss going to the gym, I go for a walk.”

She adds, “I don’t eat post 7 in the evening. In the morning, I have different kinds of water; Chia seeds water, Fenugreek Seed water, flaxseed water, Nimbu pani with honey and then repeat it all again.  And I don’t drink water after having a meal. I have a gap of good 45 minutes. And I’ve been doing it since ages.”

Charrul adds that the pandemic has really helped create health awareness. “The pandemic made us take it very seriously. It has taught us a lot of things. We are Atma Nirbhar now. We learnt how to cook, when we didn’t have house help, we did everything by ourselves. We became fit indirectly. The pandemic made a lot of people cry but taught many of them a few things about life as well. Health is everything. Even if you get sick for a day, you are not able to concentrate. You do not feel like talking to people, you get detached, and when you feel healthy, you’re constructive then. You’re positive and you feel like doing good things. You feel like moving further. Even if masks are not mandatory now in our country, we should still wear them for our safety and there’s nothing bad about it,” she says.

Meanwhile, she adds that she stays away from fad diets. “I tried Keto. I tried it for a month before the lockdown and I found it pretty quick. I lost almost 5 kgs. Now I weigh 52 kgs. But that food was boring. I think Keto is not a practical diet to have. Your goal gets completed but you can’t continue. So, I stopped it after a month. We should follow a diet pattern. Then I tried Intermittent fasting and I’m still following it and it’s pretty practical too. I do eat my last meal by 6:30 pm and it’s been almost a year to this. It’s pretty good. I’m not looking for weight loss, no goals as such but I want to feel fit from within,” she says.

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