Challenger Rakhi Sawant enters the Bigg Boss house with an awesome twist!

Jeet Pasad
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Rahi Sawant, a well-known figure, is now identified with entertainment. The actress-model has often competed on Salman Khan’s reality series Bigg Boss throughout its many seasons. The actress is prepared to join the contentious house as a contender once more. The audience will, however, experience a TWIST this time. It’s interesting to note that Rakhi Sawant, who frequently competes in the Hindi Bigg Boss, entered the Marathi Bigg Boss this season.

Rakhi and Vishal Nikam, who had won Bigg Boss Marathi 3, can be seen entering the house in one of the most recent promotional trailers posted by the channel. Along with them, challengers Meera Jagannath and Aroh Velankar from BB Marathi 3 took part in the most recent season. In the advertisement, Rakhi introduces herself as Bigg Boss’ first wife and enters wearing a crimson gown.

Many fans responded in the comments area with their thoughts. I am aware that Rakhi is every large boss team’s backup plan. It’s like when the TRP of a show drops, one person said, and another added, “Woahoo.” Not Waiting. Many people were ecstatic to see Vishal Nikam in the advertisement.

Rakhi had publicly announced her intention to compete on Bigg Boss Marathi hours before the broadcaster shared the aforementioned commercial. In a video that is going viral online, Rakhi is heard referring to herself as a “employee” of the Colors channel. She also urged the audience to support her by casting a vote. Her appearance in Bigg Boss Marathi deserves to be mentioned because it has split netzines. While most of them are ecstatic, some of them are disappointed.

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