Anu Aggarwal on Kaali poster controversy: I haven’t seen the film, but it might be just another or a contemporary take on Kaali

The poster of filmmaker Leena Manimekalai’s documentary, Kaali, has drawn flak from netizens for hurting religious sentiments. Many took to social media to express their discontent around the depiction of Goddess Kali, while there are others who have extended their support towards the Canada-based Madurai-born Indian director. Actor turned Yoga Expert Anu Aggarwal shares her take on the poster.

“I haven’t seen the film but it might be just another or a contemporary take on Kaali. The problem is our ignorance about the Devis, mythological goddesses, the super female energy. If you study our ancient literature on the nine Mahavidyas, of which Kaali is one, you will be left with nothing but an open minded view and an admiration where the dress worn or a cigarette in hand is too petty to even be considered,” she says.

Anu feels we need to educate ourselves and people around us more to understand certain things. “I think time is ripe for us Indians to get acquainted with our own super rich, ancient mythological knowledge. It will bring to light the depth of spirituality that is beyond the close-mindedness, which in fact is getting highlighted in this controversy,” she adds.

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