Ajita Kulkarni said that she was excited to do Ishqiyoun because it gave her a chance to play a comic role


Ajita Kulkarni is a part of the upcoming series Ishqiyoun. She plays the role of Mrs Khanna in the project that has been directed and produced by Payal Saxena and Elixir Productions, and the actor shares that the experience has been “awesome”.

“My character Mrs Khanna is quite interesting and funny. Whatever she does has a meaning. So it’s my character that made me say yes to the project. I feel every new project adds value to the growth of an artist. As you get to perform various characters, you gain experience,” she says.

Ajita adds that not just the story and her character, what excited her about the projects is that it gave her a chance to play a comic role.

Talking about how a lot of new age content is being developed and there are a lot of opportunities for everyone, Ajita says, “There are benefits as well as drawbacks. I don’t believe any genre ever loses its allure. What audiences seek is novelty – novelty in terms of perspective, personalities, appearance, and everything else. So there’s no reason why a saas-bahu story told from a different perspective and with relatable characters, for example, shouldn’t work, because there are so many OTT platforms available these days, viewers have been exposed to a lot of content. As a result, they are constantly changing and demanding new information on a daily basis. Nowadays, we have a sizable readership. We have a wide range of content to discover owing to our various GEC channels and OTT platforms.”

Web Series are in these days and a plenty of platforms are coming up, churning a lot of content. Ajita praises the new development, especially how it has revolutionised the entertainment scenario.

“Multiple genres, on-demand viewing, shows in your native language, high-definition material, and multi-platform support are all available. OTT is a fantastic avenue for skilled actors, and some of them have gone on to become celebrities and even had film roles. Even those who work in the background are receiving fantastic possibilities. But, in terms of becoming celebrities, I believe it is really difficult to gain quick fame, even if one has had amazing success on OTT, because a movie star has a much larger fan base and appeal, and it takes time to reach that level,” adds the actor.


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