Sourav Ganguly spilled beans on the trending topic of ‘MegaBlockbuster’ or is it just a strategy?

Deepika Padukone herself posted a poster of herself with the same title after Kapil Sharma did so first. Later, Trisha and Rashmika also joined the poster gang. We are currently able to see the posters for “Mega Blockbuster,” which indicate that the aforementioned celebrity appears in the movie and that the trailer will be published on September 4th. One may wonder what the subject of the movie or the overall situation is.

There are no reports of a movie starring Deepika, Trisha, Rashmika, and Kapil Sharma. Such a cast is unusual and difficult to understand for a variety of well-known reasons. The actors mentioned above have all released their own posters, so it appears that they are all involved in some sort of advertising campaign—either to raise awareness of a certain issue or to advertise another product. However, Saurav Ganguly’s little error revealed the true nature of this “Mega Blockbuster,” which is now shocking many.

It appears that this is a marketing for the clothing-selling app “Meesho,” which is already extremely well-liked among middle-class circles. These actresses, including everyone’s favourite Rashmika, are already receiving backlash for misleading the fans by teasing a “trailer” when it was actually about advertising this clothing app. While the app developers anticipated that the disclosure on September 4th would be shocking, Ganguly’s gaffe has now acted as a total spoiler.

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