Nishant Singh Is finally out of his shell and ready to enter indie music with his single debut as a Songwriter and composer.

Nishant is all set to release is first single “Kaha Aagaye” on the 02nd of November 2020 on all streaming platforms.Nishant is a Delhi-based artist who has been composing melodies and writing songs since a very long for various theatre plays and indie musicians for almost about 5 years now. After so many years of Struggle , Hard-Work and Dedication Nishant is now out of his shell and ready to enter the indie music scene and express the world what he feels through his beautiful composition of his upcoming track “Kaha Aagaye”.

Apart from a composer Nishant has also been a professional theatre director and has been directing plays for NSD and various other organisations and also composes songs for his own plays.As “Kaha Aagaye” is Nishant first single which is indeed a very special for him as writer and composer. 

The song is an indie genre with an minimalistic fusion of electro. It is about an chaotic thoughts of mind and the feeling of being lost in the world but still searching for your soul. 

In Nishant words “It takes you through the chaos of a mind where it is always stuck with a thought of ‘to be or not to be’. Also not forgetting the voice and the music which makes the songs more beautiful and soothing  Vaibhav Singh who is the the music Producer and the singer of “Kaha Aagaye” . 

This song is a self-exploration which takes you on a smooth ride along with its lyrics which would make you feel the moment. 

You can listen to the album when you need a peaceful mind and chilling atmosphere as it has a very  soothing music which will place ears as well as the listeners mind said Nishant.

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