“Kavya Thapar is the most amazing person to work with” says Singer Stebin Ben as he praises the actress for her outstanding performance in the recent Love anthem, “Baarish ke Din”

The cozy weather in Mumbai calls in for the most loved song of the season, which definitely has to be “Baarish ke Din,” sung by the ace singer, Stebin Ben, and starring the talented beauty, Kavya Thapar, alongside actor Paras Arora.

The melidious song is all about love and only love, where Kavya, who is passionately in love but is in a long-distance relationship, feels sad to leave the love of her life, but thanks to the monsoon, she is reunited with her love.

The love anthem has been praised a lot by the fans and they are absolutely in love with this onscreen new pair of Kavya Thapar and Paras Arora as the song has almost got about, 6 million views in a week. Well, definitely, that was going to happen looking at the melidious tune, which is something you simply cannot stop humming.

With all the love and appreciation the song has been getting, singer Stebin Ben showers love for the actress, saying, “It was a great experience working with Kavya as usual. This was not the first time we were shooting together as we have already shot a few songs, but the experience overall is very nice. She is the most amazing human I have come across till now, and obviously an outstanding co-star. “

Talking more about the onset experience, Stebin added, “She is very bubbly and happy in person, and on set she always makes sure to spread out positive energy as much as possible. And one more thing which I completely love and adore about her, is that she really makes sure to make her co-star feel very comfortable with her, and that is a very important thing as a co-star, as it helps to make the environment on set very free and happy, which in turn gives us the best results. We have a few songs coming out together, where I am seen acting with Kavya, and I am definitely not an actor, but Kavya made sure to make me feel very comfortable every time I acted on screen and helped me a lot’

Adding a professional note, the singer said, “She is a very good actor and an outstanding dancer.” And one can absolutely see her potential in the upcoming projects and in the video itself.

Well, appreciation of the work is the most important thing for an artist. And our rockstar Kavya Thapar is making sure to get all that, with her amazing persona and great acting skills.

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