‘Heart Of Stone’ star Alia Bhatt discusses how she got her first Hollywood role.

Jeet Pasad
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‘Brahmastra’ promotions are on board and Alia bhatt, with her Husband and co-star Ranbir kapoor, is busy promoting the film. Even though the movie has generated alot of buzz, we shouldn’t forget that she is also making her Hollywood debut with the Gal Gadot starrer ‘Heart of Stone’.

Alia explained how everything with “Heart of Stone” turned out in her interview with Variety. She was asked by Variety how ‘Heart of Stone’ came to be, and this is what Alia had to say: “My team sent me the script, and they said, “You know they would like for you to read the script, and if [you’re] interested we can get you to Zoom-meet with the director.” Thanks to Zoom, a lot of this has become possible. You don’t have to fly [to a meeting]. You don’t have to do an in-person meeting. You can do a virtual meeting. I read the script, and of course, I heard that Gal was going to be starring in it and was also producing it, which I was extremely excited about because I am such a huge admirer of her work and just the person, the force that she is.”

Alia said that she fell in love with the screenplay first, when Variety pressed her to elaborate on what drew her to the part. She said, “For me, what is most important is that if I am to come on board as an actor, I have to be 100% convinced of the part, otherwise I feel I’m doing the film more harm than good. So I said, I have to fall in love with the script first. And I get the script and it’s totally unlike anything I have done, and I can’t speak too much about the script, but I have to say that I was so thrilled because it was such a good part. It was kind of the perfect way for me to make my Hollywood debut, let*s put it that way. Then I met with Tom Harper, my director, over Zoom. We immediately hit it off, and next thing you know I was on my way to shoot the film.”

*Heart of Stone* will be out on Netflix. More information is awaited as the release date has not yet been published.

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