Cinematographer Shanu Singh Rajput: Today’s youth isn’t focused on one thing, are impatient… to excel in anything, you need to trust the process and focus


Shanu Singh Rajput is a well known director of photography. He has done a number of projects, including  ‘Avrodh’, ‘Code M’, ’21 Sarfarosh’, ‘Me Hero Bol Raha Hun’. Shanu talks about what it takes to become a successful cinematographer.
“Sound Technical knowledge to begin with is essential. An aesthetic sense of vision, strong eyes to capture the real into reel, understanding the mood of the scene and artistic sensibilities, are other requirements. All these, I feel, are the basics for this field of work,” he says.
Getting the first break is not easy, but what is all the more difficult is sustaining. “With such advancement in technology, cameras are more accessible to everyone than ever before. So in current times it is rather easy to get a first break but what’s become more difficult is to break through. It is quite surprising to see so many talented youth so the competition is huge,” he adds.
Sharing his journey, Shanu says that he did not have to struggle much. “Earlier there weren’t a lot of young cinematographers, but yes there was a challenge to gain the trust at such a young age. It took time, like it is in every profession,” he adds.
What advice would you give to youngsters who are keen on getting into cinematography? “The primary issue I find in today’s youth is that they are not focused on one thing. They have very little patience and keep hopping in the peripheries of the art of filmmaking. To excel in anything, you really need to trust the process and stick around,” he explains.
In the last few years, many films in Bollywood got praises for its cinematography. We ask Shanu, which one is his favourite and pat comes the reply, “In recent times, I really loved Tumbaad. It is indeed commendable when a very fictitious space is sketched this convincingly.”


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