‘Mukhbir- The Story of a spy’ Review : Masala & thrill in every scene?

Vijaya Mishra
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Mukhbir is an appreciation to all the unsung heroes of India. The story is about a spy who works in Pakistan as a secret agent of India.The agent went on to help his country and to save his country, and meanwhile he turned the war in the favour of his country .It is the story of 1965 war where the secret agent helped win the war by providing secret intelligence.

This web series is in Hindi language and it puts the light on the life of these secret heroes, and their sacrifices and efforts they put in to save the country and the people residing there .These people put their life in risks and in return they do not ever get appreciation,not there sacrifices are celebrated or named.

The starred actors in this web series are starring Zain Khan Durrani, Prakash Raj, Adil Hussain, Barkha Bisht, Harsh Chhaya, Satyadeep Mishra and Zoya Afroz in prominent roles. The Producer of this web series is by Victor Tango Entertainment, the series is of 08 episodes and is a tribute to those unsung heroes who live in the shadows and give their life for the safety of the country.

This series is filled with entertainment, masala, and thriller .This story is of 1960’s when the world and specially India was not developed, we didn’t have much gadgets and not we knew much about the technology , the story shows the hardships the spy  gone through.

Audiences can watch this amazing and unique we series in HD online, to watch this special episode on zee 05,it has been released on 11 the of November.

It has been released in different languages such as, Tamil,Telugu, Kannada and Hindi also.

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