Joyita Chatterjee: Now actors are simply actors, they aren’t categorised as TV actors, web actors or film actors, and that’s a good thing

Jeet Pasad
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Looking back at her 2020 web debut with Class of 2020, Joyita Chatterjee shares that the experience has been wonderful. The actor, who is shooting the second season now, reveals that while working on the show in 2019, she had a feeling that it has the potential to do well.

“It has been a great experience and I got to learn so much while doing this web series. It required a lot of hard work and dedication to shoot for such a series because many times we had to do double shifts to finish the shoot within the stipulated time. But still it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot,” she says.

Joyita is taking her character Ranchi Das Gupta forward in the second season of the show. “Ranchi is carrying herself in the same way like she was in the previous season. But there is a twist that will surprise everyone,” she adds, revealing there are no bold seasons in this season.

Web series often have bold scenes. On whether she is comfortable in doing them, Joyita, shares, “Well, it depends on the criteria that whether these bold scenes are required or not in the story. And up to a certain limit, I am comfortable but not beyond that.”

Talking about the changes she has seen in the industry, Joyita begins by welcoming the fact that actors these days are only recognised for their craft and not on the basis of the medium they are a part of.  “Now actors are actors, they are not TV actors, web actors or film actors, and that’s a good thing. This change actually motivates and encourages newcomers a lot,” she shares.

On the changes she wants to see in showbiz, the actor adds, “There are certain instances when women are harassed and forced to do certain things. That is the first thing I would like to change. And, the second thing is how surviving in this industry is easy and flexible for those who come from a film background.

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