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Ravi Kishan and Ravii Dubey’s Con-thriller “Matsya Kaand” promises to keep you on the edge of your seat

India is a country that almost has a deep-rooted subculture of scams and conmen. They often like to call themselves “artists” and each heist is an ode to their genius mind. Such is the story of Matsya Thada – an honourable con artist who calls himself a “mahaan kalakaar”. Ravii Dubey brilliantly essays the role of this charmer, who uses his intelligence and aptitude to pull off big kaands. With the help of Urvashi (Zoya Afroz) and Raju Hacker (Madhur Mittal), Matsya successfully pulls off the country’s most daring cons but it’s only a matter of time with ACP Tejraj on his tail.

Ravi Kishan plays his nemesis – ACP Tejraj Singh, who is there to apprehend Matsya at any cost. Kishan brings alive the madness and tenacity of this tough cop, making the intense cat and mouse chase a thrilling watch.

Speaking on the plot, Ravii Dubey mentioned, “Matsya Thada is a very cautious man who fights with his brains rather than his fists. He is a master of disguises and prefers to use logic to pull of the ‘kaands’. I love the character because he is an unconventional con artist. The script is beautifully written and the audience will never know what to expect next.”

Ravi Kishan further added saying, “Two worthy opponents and a face off that will keep you hooked to the screen, this series poses the tough choice of choosing between a genius con man and a rogue cop. Action, drama, emotion and thrill – this webseries has a little of everything for the viewers and I hope they enjoy watching it as much as the entire cast/crew enjoyed making it.”

The series also stars the very popular Piyush Mishra, along with Rajesh Sharma and Naved Aslam amongst others in key roles and is directed by Ajay Bhuyan.
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Written by Rahul Varun

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