Ira Trivedi, celebrated Yoga teacher and author bringing to you an online studio experience

The pandemic has given way to making the world completely digital and so has this experience gone digital for our comfort. Ira Trivedi, a celebrated teacher and author started a full online yoga studio experience with a thriving community.

Featuring yoga classes, courses, workshops on nutrition+ Ayurveda, fasting programmes, a book club, a yoga shop and more. Ira Trivedi is now starting a Weight Loss and Detox course on November 25, the course is a month long.

The course offers:

  • 4 live classes with Ira every Wednesday at 6-7:15 pm IST
  • live weekend classes with Ira at 9 am IST
  • a curated easy to follow a diet plan with proven results
  • an understanding of diet + emotional management, an holistic approach to food, the science behind weight loss and more.
  • an app to mark your progress and document your journey
  • 8 classes in your yoga studio so you can keep up the practice.
  • Ira will send you herbs to help assist your detox.
  • The course is costed for 7,000 per person

To find out more do visit

Get yourselves enrolled now!

Written by Rahul Varun

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