Meera Chopra praises Alia Bhatt’s ‘Darlings,’ urges women to say no to domestic violence, condemns Mandeep Kaur’s suicide.

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Meera Chopra is known for her bold moves, fierce opinions and fearless stands. The talented actress expressed her dismay over the recent suicide of Mandeep Kaur who was exploited, tortured, brutally beaten by her husband. The actress also highlighted the forgiving nature of women despite inhuman behaviour as depicted in Alia Bhatt’s ‘Darlings.’

Meera empathised further, “I saw ‘Darlings’ the day it released. Alia is doing some magnificently inspirational work as an actor, but choosing ‘Darlings’ as her debut production deserves pure respect. The movie depicts how easily a woman forgives in the name of love. Domestic violence is an age old problem now. And as shown in the film, women have normalised it in the name of love. Someone hits you, and next day things go back to normal with a mere sorry and 30 seconds of sweet talk. Women have been enduring this to save their marriages since forever. The Mandeep Kaur case testifies the same. But for how long are you going to endure it is the question??
1 in 3 women experience domestic violence globally and hence this issue is not just confined to the Indian diaspora. The difference is, each country’s law and order treats this offence with varying degree of severity. Mandeep was of Indian origin but was staying in the US since a few years. I have read that she was beaten furiously over dowry and for not being able to give an heir to the family. How shameful is that? We need to build awareness amongst women, urge them to report it, not tolerate it, and stricter laws that punish the aggressors so that the recurrence reduces drastically.
I am sincerely hoping life sentence is awarded to all the accused in Mandeep Kaur case, no lesser punishment is enough for such a crime. “

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