“Even if she wakes up, she will not recognise anybody” : Paresh Rawal

Jeet Pasad
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Paresh Rawal rarely does in-depth interviews. The actor most recently made an appearance in The Slow Interview, a YouTube interview series by Neelesh Misra. During the course of the chat, he related a former instance in which his mother’s life caused him to experience emotional tension.

He recalled that his mother spent 12 days in a coma after collapsing. “She was treated by a friend of mine who is a doctor. “What should we do?” I questioned him. “She is on life support,” he said to me, Paresh. “If she awakens, she won’t recognise anyone. She may not recover from the surgery because she is old. Her brain has suffered damage. Waiting only delays her death; it doesn’t prolong her life. Cut the power. These are the facts, and they are useful.”

Obviously, Paresh Rawal was in a difficult circumstance because anyone who loves their mother would be. But his mother freed her son from the emotional struggle. But she loved us so much that she didn’t put us in a position where we would have to pull the plug, Rawal continued. Her heart attack caused her death.

The Storyteller, directed by Anant Mahadevan, is Rawal’s upcoming project. The famous Satyajit Ray’s short Bengali narrative Golpo Boliye Tarini Khuro served as the inspiration for the movie.

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