Anupam Kher couldn’t resist; shares his views on The bollywood vs South debate


Anupam Kher has expressed his opinions on the ongoing Bollywood vs. South controversy, joining a number of prominent actors and filmmakers in this regard. Anupam must make an informed opinion on this subject given that he just worked on the Telugu film “Karthikeya 2” and earlier this year he appeared in the hugely successful Hindi film ‘The Kashmir Files’

The actor said that whereas Bollywood films aim to sell their personalities, Southern films sell stories. Anupam told ETimes, “You make things for consumers. (Problem starts) the day you start looking down on consumers, that, ‘we’re doing you a favour by making a great film. Now you are watching a great film.’ Greatness is achieved by a collective effort and that I have learnt by doing films in Telugu…I just did another film in Telugu, I did a film in the Tamil language, I’m going to do a Malayalam film.”

He further added, “I think over there, I’m not differentiating between the two but I think (their) cinema is relevant because they are not aping Hollywood. They are telling stories, over here we are selling stars.”

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