Alia Bhat announced her pregnancy with her husband Ranbir kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, the most adored couple in Bollywood, were wed in a private ceremony at their Vastu home in Mumbai on April 14, 2022. Since their marriage, we occasionally discover rare gems from the same romantic marriage land that the entire country drooled over. The most adored couple, Alia and Ranbir, are expecting their first child together, so good news is pouring in for them. Alia posted a picture of sonography on her Instagram account on June 27, 2022, to inform the same. The first image was taken at the hospital , where Ranbir was with Alia as she underwent a sonogram.

The first picture was from the sonography, where Alia was seen having her sonography done while Ranbir accompanied her. In the picture, the soon-to-be parents were seen adorably looking into the sonography. The alternate picture was of a captain and lioness along with their cub. Alia captioned the photos : our baby… Coming soon.

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