Production Headquarters LTD- UK presents their next film, a satire, “Justice for Good content”


Considering how crucial good content in film is, Mohaan Nadaar’s upcoming satirical feature #Justice for good content highlights the trappings of the Underbelly of the film industry. #Justice for Good Content stars Raj Zutshi, Delnaaz Irani, Chirag bajaj, Arandhan Dhawan, Vijay Patkar, Suresh Menon, Anun Menon, RajKumar Kanojia amongst others.

Mohaan quote, “The struggle is real and we thought it would make a really interesting dark comedy to just highlight the struggle and very relevant to todays times”.

Written and directed by child star turned director Ali Haji #Justiceforgoodcontent is Produced by Mohaan Nadaar under the Production Headquarters Ltd a Uk based Production house. Ketki Pandit is the creative producer on the film.

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