Janhvi Kapoor reveals about her idea of an dreamy wedding, Read below to know more


Title : Description : It is a big day for Janhvi Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao and Varun Sharma as their upcoming movie Roohi becomes the first Hindi film to release in theatres in 2021. While promoting the movie Janhvi was featured in Brides Today magazine where she made some fun revelations.

Talking about having an imagination of what her wedding will look like, the actress said, “I’ve had a very clear picture of that, right from the start! I want to be married in Tirupati. It will be an intimate affair. I know what I’ll be wearing – a gold, zari Kanjeevaram saree, and I’ll have lots of mogras in my hair. My husband is going to be in a lungi. And we will eat food on a banana leaf.”

When asked about how she got this idea, she added, “I visit Tirupati a lot. And when taking such a big step in life, I’d want to get married there, with the person that I love. Also, in the past, I attended a wedding of a family member there and really enjoyed it. I don’t like big weddings – they are fun to attend but being the centre of attention at such a big event will give me too much anxiety.”

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