Himansh Kohli: We have no right to take anyone’s life


In what has been the most heartbreaking and distressing news of the day, a pregnant elephant was fed a pineapple stuffed with crackers, which led to her death. People, including celebrities, have condemned the brutal act. Actor Himansh Kohli took to his Twitter handle to criticise the cowardly act.

The “Yaariyan” star in his tweet said that we have no right to take anyone’s life and added that whatever is happening around is nature’s way of warning us.

His tweet read, “We have no right to take anyone’s life, specially not for fun. When a small thing happens to us, we start cursing the year or god etc. But, deep down, we know that all of the problems we are facing, is nature’s way of telling us that now we have exploited it too much. #Elephant.”

The news came to light after a forest official narrated the details of the incident on social media. The pregnant elephant died after she tried to eat a pineapple stuffed with cracker, which injured her mouth. She was unable to eat because of the injury and later died while standing in water.

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